“Awkward” Marina Sneider is a New-York-based musical mess. Her eclectic sound combines quirky electronic beats with singer-songwriter sensibilities, Broadway-inspired theatricality, and emotionally-raw lyrics. (Or sometimes, odd time signatures and cathartic screaming, when she’s feeling particularly awkward.) Performing frequently in the NYC area, Marina is a skilled singer and electronic producer, and plays the ukulele, piano, and flute. 

Marina's internet presence has been growing since 2012, amassing over 29,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 180,000 followers on TikTok. As a teenager, she quickly rose to fandom-fame after writing songs about the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. To this day, her fan-song “Entropy” has been streamed over nine-million times. 

As an adult, Marina has switched from fan music to real TV work: From 2015 to 2022, she was one of the main songwriters for Nickelodeon's hit show “ALVIN!!! And The Chipmunks”. Her other work for television includes Dawn’s long-running “It Gets Better At Dawn” ad campaign, in which a duckling is saved from an oil spill and given a much-needed Dawn soap bath. 

Other commercial work includes Wawa's 2019 Hoagiefest ad campaign, Save-A-Lot's "Like, A Lot A Lot", and original acapella-pop song "Crazy Kids", which was featured in an ad for feminist app "The Whole Story". 

Awkward Marina has released four full-length albums: “Crushed Creations” (2016), “Awkward Marina” (2018), “I Don’t Wanna Be Famous” (2020), and "JERSEY: A Prog-Pop Concept Album" (2023), as well as several singles and EPs.